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Putting Ourselves In Someone Else's Position
Putting Ourselves In Someone Else's Position
After becoming burnt out working TV news, Kelley Dearing Smith took on a new challenge with Louisville Water. Now, the VP of Communications & Marketing helps Louisville Water tell stories -- and it all starts with listening.  Continue Reading..
JWC Celebrates 50 Years Of Innovation
Water Online's publisher, Travis Kennedy, sits down with JWC Environmental's Saretta Brown to talk about JWC's 50 years of innovating in the water industry.   Continue Reading..
A Century Of Investing
Discover how AMERICAN continues to make significant investments in its facilities, equipment and systems.   Continue Reading..
Video: A Tale Of One City With Two Extremes
In this video, discover how digital solutions are helping manage extremes in water availability for the city of Joinville, Brazil.   Continue Reading..
Decision Intelligence To Risk-Proof Your Water Operation
In this video from Bentley Systems, learn about a Digital Twin solution that can help utilities unlock the power of data and gain actionable insights in real time.   Continue Reading..
Ozone Applications: The Miraculous Molecular Manipulator
This webinar will review typical municipal ozone applications including dosing and control strategies, discussion of select, common industrial applications and ozone-specific DBP’s, mitigation strategies and applications where ozone excels as well as those where it struggles to meet objectives.  Continue Reading..
Solutions For Common Challenges In The Water Industry
In this clip from Virtual Water Expo, Matt Stuyvenberg from Badger Meter highlights some potential solutions for common challenges, as well as examples of delivering network insights.   Continue Reading..
Video: Diving Into Smart Water Management
In this video, learn about a water management project that established a culture of innovation and smart water management for the coastal city of Porto.   Continue Reading..
Achieving Success With Digital Twins
This presentation will help attendees navigate the pitfalls of digital twin building.  Continue Reading..
Digital Twins For Water Utilities -- Use Cases And The Benefits For Operations
This insightful presentation features Bentley Product Manager Miguel Soares who will explain how digital twins are already benefiting water utilities, guiding them through some use cases (adapted from real examples) and the key benefits for operations.  Continue Reading..