• No Backwash Cartridge Skid Systems

    50 & 100 GPM Cartridge skid systems are ideal for commercial water treatment applications with tight footprints and limited operations support. Not requiring any backwashing or bulk media replacement, multi-vessel skids from Applied Cartridge Systems can be effectively operated with non-specialized personnel. Maintenance is simple, just periodic testing and one-man cartridge replacement.

  • The Myron L® Company Ultrameter II™ 6PFCE

    The Ultrameter II is a prime example of how high-tech engineering can greatly simplify and streamline a task. Whether in the lab, industrial plant, or in a remote field location, there are only a few simple steps to take a reading. 

  • Filtration: Plastic Filter Series

    All-purpose plastic filters from 3/4" to 3", for flow rates up to 220 gpm

  • Z-92® Uranium Removal Process

    WRT's Z-92® process is the most effective and environmentally responsible choice you can make for removing uranium from drinking water and the community. That's because after removing the uranium, we dispose of it at a licensed facility

  • Modular Onsite Storage Systems

    With the high cost of infrastructure replacement and demands for more stringent environmental standards, newterra modular treatment systems are driving the adoption of decentralized solutions.


This webinar will review typical municipal ozone applications including dosing and control strategies, discussion of select, common industrial applications and ozone-specific DBP’s, mitigation strategies and applications where ozone excels as well as those where it struggles to meet objectives.