• Faced with restaurants and bars suddenly closed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, a beverage distributor was forced to take back 40,000 gallons of expired beer. 

  • With the worsening scenario of water scarcity across major world economies, the need for deploying wastewater recovery systems stands crucial to ensure the availability of fresh water among the masses.

  • From the parlor to the pasture, numerous advancements in dairy farm management are helping drive up dairy farm efficiency in North America, and that’s helping drive down environmental impact.

  • Domestic cooking has taken a back seat across several developed economies, given the steady rise in the female workforce and subsequent lack of time. This, along with significant improvement in disposable incomes, has been playing a critical role in accelerating the shift toward processed food and beverages. 

  • Companies within the food & beverage industry generate significant quantities of wastewater each day. For example, a 16 oz. can of beer is about 90-95% water; however, to make that can, beer producers utilize approximately 7 times this quantity. About 2/3 to 3/4 of the water is typically discharged as wastewater to a municipal sewer system.

  • Hardness in water can be characterized into its primary constituent mineral components, typically calcium and magnesium. Excess water hardness in a water supply creates many issues for industry, utilities, and life in general.

  • Select Harvest was in need of a filtration solution to remove high levels of arsenic from their well water supply. Learn how Applied Process Equipment helped them remove arsenic to non-detectable levels.

  • No matter whether consumers choose a pilsner, an ale, or another popular type of beer, there is a critical focus at nearly all breweries today on their production process energy (natural gas) costs and plant environmental compliance (waste gas emissions). Failing to pay attention to the efficiency of these processes at breweries or any other type of food and beverage processing plant can lead to cost competitiveness issues and hefty regulatory fines.

  • Brine is everywhere: desalination plants, gas and oil drillings, energy generation plants, mines, cooling towers, food manufacturing plants, chip fabrication, and many other industries that require high volumes of water. They all generate brine as a byproduct of their processes.

  • Aire-02 was approached by a large sugar beet processing facility that was in desperate need of a rapid and effective solution for their deteriorating wastewater treatment system.


  • Aquafine Avant Series

    Avant is a highly advanced product line that provides TOC reduction performance in up to a three times smaller footprint than prior series. The Avant Series utilizes less energy and provides full flexibility for skid-mounted designs, with the ability to mount eight reactors in up to 75% smaller footprint compared to our previous offering.

  • Major Global Mineral Water Bottling Plant In Saudi Arabia Uses AquaTrans AT600 To Replace Faulty Electromagnetic Flow Meters

    Major multinational food and drink processing company requested support to validate the performance of existing electromagnetic flow meters, that were failure-prone, in their water treatment plants. 

  • Liquid Clamp On Flow Measurement In A Milk Production Line

    A Food & Beverage bulk manufacturer of tomato paste, tomato ketchup, evaporated milk, sterilized cream, hot sauce, full cream, milk powder, oats, cornstarch, and custard powder. 

  • Animal FAT Measured

    The company that is active in the food industry collects and processes animal by-products but also waste edible oil, biodegradable kitchen and canteen waste. These products are recycled to proteins and technical fats and purified oils. 

  • Water, Environmental, And Food & Beverage Analysis

    The One Stop Shop for Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis with our trusted Supelco® products at your fingertips. Conducting water, environmental, and food & beverage analyses are complex, requiring numerous products and instruments. We created a NEW, easy-to-navigate catalog to help you quickly find everything required for your measurements. Organized by product type as well as by type of workflow.


In this video from GeoTree, learn what an FRP is and how to design with an FRP.