• Denver Water's Northwater Treatment Plant passes major safety milestone thanks to careful planning, engaged workers.
  • It's no secret that we are in the midst of a large portion of the current workforce talent moving to retirement in the next 5 to 10 years. In fact, according to the Brookings Institution, roughly 1/3 of drinking water and wastewater operators in the U.S. will be eligible for retirement by 2028 — that's just 5 years from now!

  • Piping professionals must have a deep understanding of their systems and operation processes to prepare for those days when the unexpected occurs, and the surprise is not particularly pleasant. 

  • As next-generation technology and personnel arrive on the scene, what does the role of the utility worker look like?
  • Career-shadowing program pairs teens with Denver Water employees.
  • Denver Water IT team headed into the field to learn how they could better support the organization.

  • In Part 1 of this series, we reviewed specific types of concerns that have been identified at many manufacturing sites for several of the PSM/RMP elements. In Part 2, we review the following elements: MOC/PSSR, Process Safety Information, Operating Procedures, Mechanical Integrity, Process Hazard Analysis, and Training.

  • Those who work in high hazard industries are familiar with the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) requirements for routine audits to assess and verify compliance with these regulations. In a prior blog, we reviewed different strategies for accomplishing these audits. In this article, we cover specific types of concerns that have been identified at many manufacturing sites.

  • When my friend Björn Otto published a recent post in his newsletter Water. Technology. Marketing., I told the story of how I used business cards during job searches. Remembering this hack compelled me to post the successful job search tips I have used throughout my career...

  • Digital solutions such as automation, digital systems, dashboards, and sensors help resolve this challenge and provide staff with operational insights of their facilities but these alone are not enough. Knowledge capture and transfer represent a core piece to smooth succession planning.


  • Process Design Assistance

    Brentwood’s full staff of technical designers and skilled engineers take each project from concept to realization. Our designers provide installation and layout drawings while working in conjunction with our engineers to perform process analyses and optimize systems for each application.

    The experience of our engineers is a key factor in product improvement and new product development. Feedback from customers and knowledge gained from installations are assimilated into the design process to ensure that Polychem products and systems address every customer need.

  • AccuGrid Surface Grating

    AccuGrid protective grating provides a strong, interlocking, non-skid surface on top of tube settler and trickling filter media. As a cost-effective alternative to other walkway systems, it covers the entire media surface for complete access to the distribution system. AccuGrid also improves safety by eliminating trip hazards through its surefoot tread design and locking tabs that maintain panel alignment.

  • 360waterPlus: New Look, New Product, Same Problem

    With 360water Plus, unlock unlimited access to online education. 

  • Installation Support

    Brentwood’s systems and components are engineered not only for performance, but for ease of installation. With a dedicated team of site technicians who have assisted in countless installations, you can be assured not only that the system will run properly, but that your employees will be educated and prepared to operate the system. 

  • Wonderware InTouch

    Since 1987, Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one human machine interface (HMI), offering market leading innovation, brilliant graphics, legendary ease of use, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.


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