• R450 System Makes Utility Operations Visual

    Problems with Non-Revenue Water? Wasting time and money on truck rolls for off-cycle meter readings? Dealing with customer complaints over high water bills? Get a fix on the solution with Neptune’s R450™ System and get it all fixed from the start.

  • OMNI™ Verification (V²) Portable Test Meter

    The Sensus OMNI™ Verification (V²) portable test meter gives you a fast and efficient solution to test the accuracy and performance of your large meters. The test meter will quickly become an important part of your water system’s maintenance operation. Piping and flow pattern irregularities can influence your meters’ accuracy and testing them in-line provides a truer indication of in-service accuracy. With OMNI V² you no longer have to take your meters out of service to test them.

  • flowIQ 2100 & 3101 AMR Meters

    Learn about next generation smart water metering with the flowIQ AMR series.

  • Smart Pump Range (e-SVE/e-HME Smart Pumps)

    Start with the new e-SVE and e-HME Smart Pumps from Goulds Water Technology

  • HYMAX VERSA® Stainless Steel Wrap-Around Coupling

    The HYMAX VERSA is a coupling that can wrap around damaged pipe usually repaired with the cut-and-replace technique while providing dynamic deflection to reduce the risk of damage caused by ground shifts.

  • HQ40d Portable Meter Kit

    Designed for water quality experts, the Hach HQ40d portable meter is an advanced meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements.


In this clip from Virtual Water Expo, Matt Stuyvenberg from Badger Meter highlights some potential solutions for common challenges, as well as examples of delivering network insights.