Great DIY Homesteading Projects

Here is a collection of some of the homesteading projects I have undertaken. What are some of your proudest DIY moments?

DIY Whole House Fan Installation


The most important green upgrade I have done to my house. It saves me hundreds of dollars in electricity costs. A whole house fan system cools your home by drawing cooler outide air through your windows and pushing the warmer air into your attic. I use the QuietCool Fan System. It is ranked #1 in efficiency by the California Department of Energy.

Organic Sprouting: Reduce Cost & Increase Health


Feeding sprouted grain is a very economical method of supplying green feed to all classes of livestock. At 25% of the cost, sprouted grains provide more nutrients, as minerals merge with proteins to allow better nutrient absorbtion. All around "Green Fodder" is a healthy living food and easier to digest.


Grey Water System: Shower Your Garden!


A greywater system redirects used water from bathtubs, showers or sinks into the landscape to irrigate your garden. This is a cheap self-made DIY approach to help save water and money that repurposes plumbing parts available in the pool/spa tub market. Products used: Jandy Valve and Intermatic Actuator


Going Native: Turning Lawn into No-Irrigation Garden


With many areas facing multi-year droughts cities across the state offer financial incentives to turn your lawn into a native paradise. This is a multi-part series on how we turn our our front yard from a $600/year water-grabber into a zero dollar wildlife oasis. If we succeed our citiy will pay us $3000 for time and effort.


Black Sodier Fly: Raise this Uber-Benefitial Insect


Raising Black Soldier Fly Larvae is useful for highspeed composting and as chicken feed. This protein booster is rich in Omega 3 which makes for healthy eggs. Yes, chickens are carnevores and this is one of their favorite treats. Our chickens get a couple hundreds of these larvae every day. Product used: BioPod Plus, Composting with Soldier Grubs


"Olla" Clay Pot: Ancient yet Super-Efficient Watering Method


The OLLA method is an ancient technique of low tech, low cost irrigation used in various environments around the world. An OLLA is an unglazed clay pot fired at a low temperature. This allows the pot to remain porous. The OLLA is buried in the ground with neck exposed and periodically filled with water. The water seeps into the soil at a rate that provides adjacent plants with a constant water source at the roots. Product: Olla Irrigation Pot

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